On the Edge of Greatness

So here we sit on the edge of greatness because we fail to pray, because we fail to grasp how much blessing and power and victory and fruit we deny ourselves in our lack of prayer. Prayer is so simple. It’s merely communication with God. There are TONs of good reasons to pray too:

Transformation into the likeness of Christ,
Obedience to God’s command, and the multitude of
Needs in our lives and the lives and institutions around us.

We must be a praying church!! The church is the hope of the world… but only insomuch as it acts like the Christ!  If we do not connect with the Supernatural One (GOD) in prayer, how can we do anything beyond the natural, beyond the human? That my Friends is useless! If we’re going to be like Christ, to love like He did, to experience true greatness in the Kingdom of God, then we must pray.


Take extra time to pray at home, church, in your car, with your family, alone, when you get up, before you fall asleep.  Pray with expectancy.  Pray.

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