Founding Pastor – SR. ELDER / MARK DUNN / Email

Mark is a strong visionary, catalyst and servant-leader who loves the Lord Jesus Christ above all things. He brings a well-rounded perspective on life, having years of experience in military, corporate, ministry and small business environments. Mark has been gifted to build needed vision, teamwork and structure – and do it with a broad view and knowledge of the challenges that must be met. He has led many efforts from multi-million dollar defense system projects, to business and church start-ups. As a Sr. Pastor or in other Pastoral roles, Mark can relate well to people in most any walk of life.

Mark is a husband, father of two and a grandfather of 4 – and counting. Perhaps most importantly is his desire to just hear God’s voice and do what He says – applying His wisdom and Word in all things.

In addition to overseeing all Christ Fellowship’s locations and being the pastor of Christ Fellowship’s Albuquerque Meadows Community Church, Mark is also the President of Cry Cameroon Ministries USA.

Pastor – ELDER / MARK HARRIS / Email


Mark has been married to Yolanda for 30 years, has 3 grown boys, and 3 grandchildren. He is an Army veteran having served for 6 years. Mark currently works for the State of New Mexico in the Aviation Division as the Aircraft Registrar.

Mark is the pastor of Christ Fellowship’s Buena Vista Community Church and is pursuing his Master in Divinity at Grand Canyon University.

Pastor – Rick Mitchell / Email

Rick has been married to Rhonda for 46 Years. He has 7 children and 11 grandchildren. Rick has Pastored for 35 Years and started 2 churches. He is also Vietnam veteran and retired military with 22 years combined service.

Rick is the pastor of Christ Fellowship’s Rio Grande Community Church and The Retreat Community Church.

Pastor – ELDER / Randy Windt / Email


Randy has experienced the power of the Word of God in his life to make all things new.  His passion is to preach and teach the Word of God, understanding that it alone can bring people to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ, and that it can bring about spiritual maturity in the lives of believers as it renews the minds of those who will commit themselves to a deep study of it.  His experience before his conversion was in the field of teaching.  Looking at his pre-conversion life in hindsight, he now understands that the Lord was using those experiences to prepare him to preach and teach the greatest news known to man – the reality that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners.

Randy has been married to his wife, Shari, for nearly twenty years.  He is the pastor of Christ Fellowship’s Coronado Villa Community Church and formerly, the Elmcroft Community Church. Randy was ordained to the ministry of the Gospel through the church he has been serving at for over five years, Hoffmantown Church.

Pastor – Al Humble / Email

My name is Al Humble.  I’m a native born New Mexican.  I graduated from Clovis High School, and New Mexico State University with bachelor and master’s degrees in Agriculture.  I’m a U.S. Navy veteran, husband, father and grandfather.

I began following Christ in faith at age 32, I am now 71.  Then, God in His great kindness, mercy, forgiveness, and faithfulness began the challenging work of transforming another rebellious, defiant son, day by day, into the man He wanted me to be.

God’s amazing power to save and transform a life to become whole and complete in Him has no limits – unless of course a person places limits upon what they allow God to do in their own life.  Jesus has all authority in heaven and on earth, and He is never inadequate.  Jesus is entirely sufficient, for every need of every person, in all ways!  We can rely upon Him to the utmost, for the present and for all of eternity!

Joyfully, my new life in Christ is a living testimony to the presence, the power, and the Father love of God.  Without Him I would remain hopeless.

I began to seek opportunities to share my newly found treasure of faith and new life experiences with others.  I sought and accepted invitations to serve within the church – the gathering of believers, in a variety of ways.  I have since been actively leading and co-leading men’s and couples Bible studies, and devotionals.

Another brother in Christ and I began an ongoing, active street evangelism outreach two years ago in Albuquerque.  We continually pray for those we meet on the streets.  We welcome the prayers and support of others who want to join with us in this vital ministry.

I enjoy the one-on-one discipleship-oriented friendships that God brings into my life, and I look for opportunities to increase these more and more.

I am leading and shepherding the congregation of the Windmill Christian Fellowship, an East Mountain Church that another believer and I organized 4 1/2 years ago.

I am enthusiastic about also serving in the ministries of Christ Fellowship Church!  I invite you to call upon me as a friend and mentor.  My goal is that you and I grow deep in our relationship with Jesus as Savior and Lord.  I am available to help you fulfill your special purpose and calling from God, to receive His blessing, and to be a blessing to Him and to others!